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September 16, 2010

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Bethalto Public Library District

Board of Trustees Meeting

September 16, 2010



The meeting was called to order by Pat Beiermann, President.



Present:                  P. Beiermann, C. McMillen, P. Stemmley, L. Gunderson, R. Hellemeyer


Absent:                  M. Brown, E. Hauser


Also present:        Mary Brewster, Library Director; Stacy McRae, Accountant.



The minutes of the Board meeting of August 19, 2010 were approved as written.



Motion 1:  It was moved by L. Gunderson and seconded by R. Hellemeyer that bills in the amount of $35,875.20 be paid.


                Ayes:     P. Beiermann, C. McMillen, P. Stemmley, L. Gunderson, R. Hellemeyer

                Nayes:    none

                Absent:  M. Brown, E. Hauser





The Financial report was presented by Stacy McRae, Accountant. (See file)


The Librarian’s report. (See file)












        Review and discussion of Board of Trustees Bylaws.

        Discussion of Standards for Illinois Public Libraries.




The meeting was adjourned by P. Beiermann at 8:12 p.m.



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