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New York Times Book News

Critic’s Take: Trollope Uncut 
  Fri, 09 Oct 2015 15:54:08 GMT 
    A new, restored version of Trollope’s 1880 novel “The Duke’s Children” is a fuller, richer book.

M. T. Anderson’s ‘Symphony for the City of the Dead’ 
  Fri, 09 Oct 2015 15:54:05 GMT 
    The story behind one of Dmitri Shostakovich’s greatest symphonies, composed as the assault on Leningrad unfolded.

‘Leaving Orbit,’ by Margaret Lazarus Dean 
  Fri, 09 Oct 2015 15:54:05 GMT 
    A history of the shuttle era and the waning of the space program.

Bonnie Jo Campbell’s ‘Mothers, Tell Your Daughters’ 
  Fri, 09 Oct 2015 15:54:05 GMT 
    In stories sprung from the rural Midwest, women draw on their deepest strengths.

‘Leo: A Ghost Story,’ ‘Max the Brave’ and More 
  Fri, 09 Oct 2015 15:33:43 GMT 
    Humor and imagination can help children get over being scared, as four new picture books show.

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